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More Clockworks!


I feel as if I have literally been eating, drinking and sleeping this song.  Seriously.  I have spent a lot of time working on my remix of this song mixing, arranging, adding effects and generally having a good old time.

Now, as you know, I am not a fan of the original mix of the song.  It’s a bit sad and depressing for me.  So, I decided to take the track in a completely different direction: ’80s pop.  This version of my mix sees me adding more percussive elements indicative of the ’80s (synth toms, 808 drums, etc) as well as some changes to the melody, pads and general flow of the track.

So far the feedback has been positive, so thank you!  The contest doesn’t end for another 33 days, so it’s going to be awhile before I know if I’ll win.

In other news, Tad runs for the Board of the Tacoma Food Co-op…more news on that, later!



Clockworks, Part 2

I have had a few people mention that they cannot access my artist page on the acidplanet website.  I think I have solved the problem.  Linked below is a copy of the remix I am working on for the contest.  Feedback, in all is forms, is welcome!




I just wanted to briefly touch on the music project I am working on. I have been busy working on a remix of the song Clockworks by This Morning Call. I have completed a demo of the track and you can listen to it here. Again, this is only a demo copy, not the final mix. I will post the final draft once it is complete. Any and all feedback is welcome – it would be pretty cool to win this contest!

I have also included the original track here for comparison purposes.




A P90X update and a Susan Powter revival

Dear Tiffany,

My apologies on my absence from the blog. I have been working on a couple of music projects that have taken up a lot of my time. I will reveal more information on those later, but today I want to revisit the land of physical fitness.

As you know, I have been doing the P90X fitness program. This week marks the completion of the first month of my second round of P90X! When I started working out a little over four months ago, I never thought I would be here. However, I did set the bar very high for myself: I firmly set my goal and I began working toward it.

Today, it is not my goal that drives me forward, it the journey that keeps me motivated. What I mean is that I have come to discover that exercise and fitness is not about a six pack…not entirely anyway. It’s about taking charge of your life. It is about making healthy choices and ending bad habits. It’s about breaking the quick-fix cycle our consumer culture is all to eager to sell to you and making real changes that takes time, energy and dedication.

As I make these changes, I grow tired of seeing commercials of overweight women slim down right before our eyes wearing nothing but a sleazy bikini. This woman is sold to us as if the bikini was she all had to live for. I am tired of seeing weight loss commercials for men that claim you can eat your burger and fries and still lose the weight – as if burgers are the only thing men live for (actually…).

If I can travel back in time for just a moment, I used to listen to Susan Powter’s radio show back in the 90s. Remember her? She’s the Stop the Insanity! creator. Say what you will about her craziness (and I’ll probably agree) but her passion for healthy living is undeniable, and a bit infecting. On top of that, she’s a very smart, well-read person. In recent years I haven’t really kept up with Susan, so I was bit surprised to see a recent video of her on YouTube pop up during a recent search I had made. I have linked it below because I find the message of the video very refreshing.

The point to all of this is that It’s time we as a nation started having real conversations about health and fitness. It’s time to toss away all the gadgets and gizmos that don’t work. It’s time to stop acting like bikinis are the only real reason to want to exercise, and most importantly, it’s time to get in touch with the food we eat! I don’t care what kind of exercise you do, just do it! I found something that works for me, what works for you?



On Carl Paladino

Dear Tad,

In recent weeks there has been a stir around all issues gay. Boy, even I get tired of listening to all of this banter—whether or not gays should have equal rights bla, bla, bla. I’m not really sure why we continue to debate this, but the religious types are not going to let us live all of this down. They think we are flaunting our so-called “lifestyle” (as if I could pick it up or leave it like a nudist “lifestyle”—I have never understood the use of this term except to belittle the romantic experiences of gay people). We are in their faces, as GOP candidate for governor Carl Paladino has suggested (he stumbled upon a gay pride parade in Toronto somewhere once and now has PTSD as a result of seeing those “dysfunctional” homos grinding away). Given the recent violence against gay people, I don’t think the timing of his comments was the best, but then who am I to say?

And what kind of candidate for governor (especially of New York) allows local interest groups to write his speeches? Rather than coming in with his own ideas and suggestions on how to improve the Great State of New York, he would rather be given all of the right cues just to get himself elected? What cynicism! He is also accused of sending pornographic emails and of using derogatory terms when referring to women. Forgive my concern, but I used to live in New York City for a number of years and I have a soft spot for that state and that city and I‘m really not impressed with this guy. He has done more to spread intolerance, particularly of gays, rather than inspiring people and bringing them together.

I respect that Paladino has his opinions, but don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t accuse gays of being perverts, Carl Paladino, when you send people pornographic emails and make disparaging remarks about other races and women. The gay people I know (as well as the straight) do not do these things, and I would rather not be lumped in the same category as you. Do, however, give your opinions and stick by them. Even if I don’t agree with your philosophy, you still have the right to have your opinion and don’t let the media take that away from you, which it seems you have. Everyone left, right or center, who has an opinion, should be heard. That said, I still find Paladino a divisive candidate for a state like New York and I would hope that people might see the light come election time. Please, Carl Paladino (I reserve the term Mr. for gentlemen), give up the pornography for the sake of our children; as a mother, I demand this of you!

Very kind regards,



Take a stand for justice


I have a bit of a confession to make – I am addicted to Youtube. I am totally fascinated by this social media outlet. If you want to find educational videos on any given topic, you can find it on Youtube. Or, if you want a cute British guy reading the book Twighlight, you can find that too. Maybe you like videos of cute cats or of babies doing silly things – are those a few of your favorite things? Fear not, you can find them on Youtube. With Youtube, people have taken the art of video creation to new and uncharted territories.

With that said, I often find myself saying ‘there’s three minutes of my life wasted’ after watching videos on Youtube. Most of them are dreadful, but occasionally a video will come along that will spark my interest and keep me coming back for more. And, more often than not I will make my Facebook friends suffer with the videos that I enjoy.

Today I came across a video called Surprise Party – it’s the latest Youtube viral video. All told, I am not sure I think the video is as hilarious as some people are making it out to be, but I must admit there is a certain charm to it: low production values coupled with a hot guy making fun of a Saturday Night live clip does have a certain appeal to it.

However, my main reason for posting this is because I was shocked and horrified by many of the comments I read in response to this video. Every gay-bashing word or phrase you could think of has been thrown at this man. Many of the comments simply read ‘Are you gay?’ or ‘gayyyyyy’.

As I read more and more of these hateful comments I started to think of the string of gay-related suicides we have experienced over the last couple of weeks. My blood began to boil. Where the hell are the priorities of these people who are bullying Craigery Morgan, the creator of this video? Have we not learned anything from these tragic deaths? Have we no shame?

The time is now for bystander intervention. I challenge all of you to call out gay-bashing when you see it. Respond to the bullying comments on this Youtube video and take a stand. I don’t care if you like the video, or hate it. That isn’t the point. No longer can we idly sit by and ignore hate and ignorance.

Take a stand for justice. Thank you.


It Gets Better and Better!


I was really excited today when I read this article in The Advocate. Apparently, the It Gets Better project has become so popular, that their Youtube site has been maxed out on video submissions. This is fantastic news!

Keep up the good work everyone,