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On Being Halfrican American

Dear Tad,

Sydney!! I should have known you’d know where to get the boys and the booze!!! That’s probably one of the wildest places on planet Earth for Pride and what have you…I used to know some Australians when I lived in New York, but I can’t remember anymore what went on there; I just remember that during rugby match season we’d always be in the pub drinking Foster’s by 10 am…

In other news, I can see that race has become of paramount importance again in the United States since Barack Obama took office. For some people, things have really become charged. In fact, I had someone accuse me the other day of being a mad black woman, when in fact, I am just a mad woman. There was nothing black about my anger at all! I was just being a disgruntled bi-racial person (so I thought). This person claimed that raising my voice and getting emotional must mean that my African side is solely influencing my actions. To the contrary, my black father is an easy-going person, who rarely, if ever, raises his voice. The part of the family that I inherited my loud brashness from is not the African side, but the German-British side, in fact! Yes, it comes down from my very Waspish grandfather who had been a colonel and Russian-language intelligence officer in the US Army for 30 years. We used to say that Old Dad was Henry Fonda and General George Patton all rolled into one. Old Dad did have a big mouth and he spoke his mind, particularly on topics regarding democracy and what it means to live in a free society. So, to the white person who thought I was being a mad black woman–I was really being a mad, old white man, and thank Goddess for that!!!

See you all soon!