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Another great reason to love those Aussie (military) Bums!

Dear Tiffany,

I hope you are enjoying your break from blogging while your sister is in town. I am still recovering from my cold and a bit upset that I was unable to do the Witt case proper justice in my NyQuil-induced state. I’m drowning in a sea of tissue over here!

But, speaking of the Witt case, I came across a another military news story originating from the land of rippling pecks and thighs that we must discuss. That’s right, more news on Australia! Tiffany, if these two Aussie bums

were not reason enough to make you love Australia (and yes, oh yes they are!), I can now offer you one more delicious reason to love all things Aussie!

If you’re looking for something a bit more meaningful than firm thighs and pecks to make your Aussie romance complete, here is a story (receiving very little press I might add) that will make you take notice. As of yesterday, Australia offers equal rights to all sexual minorities wishing to serve in their military. While we in America grapple with the ‘Tacoma lesbian’s’ right to serve her country in the military, Australia has officially lifted its ban on Transgendered troops. This is the final barrier to admitting all sexual minorities into the Australian military, according to this Edge story. Other countries with Transgendered troops are: Canada, Israel, Czech Republic, Spain and Thailand.

Although I would love to toast a pint of Foster’s to the Aussie’s for this amazing step forward in human rights, it’s only 10:45 in the morning where I am. So, I guess my next round of NyQuil taken with an Australian toaster biscuit (they’re much softer than those haaaaard English things, you know) will have to suffice.


ps – I just realized this Tiffany, but with a name like ‘Tad’, imagine how delicious that would sound coming out of the mouth of an Aussie?



A quick update on the Witt case

Both Tiffany and I would like to thank our readers for sending us some fabulous links and information regarding Maj. Witt’s case. And, it’s nice to know that we’re not the only people outraged that most news headlines refer to Maj. Witt as nothing more than a ‘lesbian’, ‘Tacoma lesbian’, or ‘gay nurse’. One reader suggested we look at the blog that The ACLU of Washington State has been filing from the courtroom. A link to ACLU’s trial brief (if you’re into those kinds of things) can be found here. The ACLU also has a link to The Daily Kos and their coverage of the story.

And, once again, our local news disappoints with the following headline ‘Trial opens for Tacoma lesbian seeking return to military‘ and equally disappointing non-informative story.

Thanks again, everyone!

Tad and Tiffany


What Naomi Wolf can Teach Lumberjack Lesbians

Dear Tad,

I’ve noticed since tuning into Naomi Wolf’s arguments about the end of America and the very real possibility of fascism creeping in, that there’s been quite a bit written of her views on feminism. To tell the truth, I’ve not read all of the exchanges between Naomi and Camille Paglia during those tumultuous years, when Naomi found herself backed against the fence. Knowing Camille though, and her bitingly brilliant, but savage wit, I’m probably missing scores of entertaining stuff. Nonetheless, I’m here to defend Naomi. And I, for one, a lesbian woman-of-color, can appreciate Naomi’s brand of feminism.

Some people think Naomi has no right to speak about a possible beauty myth when she herself is perfectly quaffed and quite statuesque – you know, she’s hot. Truly, truly hot if I may say so myself (I got your back, girl, don’t worry—my ex went to Harvard and I have a thing for short, smart Jewish girls). But what’s wrong with a feminist being attractive? It’s like saying lesbians can’t be attractive, because they aren’t dolling themselves up for men. BS! I can really appreciate a beautiful woman.

There’s nothing wrong with being beautiful. Tad, we all know that some lesbians are not well-known for their forays into high fashion. I mean, come on, there’s got to be an answer to flannel and Doc Martins, and you lesbians in the audience know what I’m talking about! I lived and loved in Paris for nearly two years and I can tell you that physical beauty is OK, and that Naomi need not feel at all bad for being gorgeous; so everyone should just give her a break. Further, the myriad problems with women on this planet have not vanished with modernism and women’s lib. Very serious issues remain and I appreciate a woman who is willing to still talk about the need for women’s issues to be put on the table and look smokin’ hot while doing it, too.

Thank you, Naomi. In your case, beauty is definitely not a myth. If you had been dressed in flannel with a mullet, I’m ashamed to say that I probably would not have looked so intensely into your work this time around. Thank the goddess Aphrodite, I did.




A Couple of Homos taking back the H-word

Both Tad and I believe that being, really being yourself is super important to mental, physical and spiritual development and general well-being these days; just as it always has been. To a certain degree, we also highly approve of so-called marginalized communities, minorities or whatever we wish to call them re-owning certain derogatory words if we eventually wish to no longer be so-called marginalized communities, bla, bla, bla…

I, Tiffany, am a person of color. It has been my experience that people have never understood why some black people might sometimes refer to themselves using the N- word. It’s a word we all deplore, but somehow, used by the right person, is possibly empowering; in this case African-Americans. It’s the same with gays and certain words. The word ‘queer’ being one of those words. Generally speaking, the very word that formerly would have hurt us and destroyed our sense of self (being called a ‘queer’ by either a mean straight person or another closeted self-hating ‘queer’) is now empowering to gay activists and to gay people. To many gay people, the use of the word ‘queer’ has become fairly normalized in everyday gay speech. Queer is even considered a gender these days, believe it or not. As far as your resident homos are concerned, ‘queer’ is a term Tiffany personally prefers to gay or lesbian, but one that Tad does not. To each their own.

This preference for re-empowering one’s self through language is what occurred to Tad and I when we started this blog space. We like the term ‘homo’ for all of its possible derogatoriness and reference to filth (but, don’t you see, we enjoy being perverts!). It’s our word, and it describes us, and it’s another opportunity for us to take back the discriminatory night and use the word to illustrate who we are. That said, we don’t appreciate it when gay people proudly refer to themselves as ‘queer’ (or any other word for that matter) while in the company of other gay people, but take it upon themselves to act offended when they hear other people using the same word in exactly the same context they themselves happily use it in. Seriously, there is no need to act so catty and precious! We are not undermining the potential for almost any word to be offensive, but context, meaning, and intention are everything. So, thanks to all of you for your understanding!

Very kind regards,

Tiffany and Tad