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On Carl Paladino

Dear Tad,

In recent weeks there has been a stir around all issues gay. Boy, even I get tired of listening to all of this banter—whether or not gays should have equal rights bla, bla, bla. I’m not really sure why we continue to debate this, but the religious types are not going to let us live all of this down. They think we are flaunting our so-called “lifestyle” (as if I could pick it up or leave it like a nudist “lifestyle”—I have never understood the use of this term except to belittle the romantic experiences of gay people). We are in their faces, as GOP candidate for governor Carl Paladino has suggested (he stumbled upon a gay pride parade in Toronto somewhere once and now has PTSD as a result of seeing those “dysfunctional” homos grinding away). Given the recent violence against gay people, I don’t think the timing of his comments was the best, but then who am I to say?

And what kind of candidate for governor (especially of New York) allows local interest groups to write his speeches? Rather than coming in with his own ideas and suggestions on how to improve the Great State of New York, he would rather be given all of the right cues just to get himself elected? What cynicism! He is also accused of sending pornographic emails and of using derogatory terms when referring to women. Forgive my concern, but I used to live in New York City for a number of years and I have a soft spot for that state and that city and I‘m really not impressed with this guy. He has done more to spread intolerance, particularly of gays, rather than inspiring people and bringing them together.

I respect that Paladino has his opinions, but don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t accuse gays of being perverts, Carl Paladino, when you send people pornographic emails and make disparaging remarks about other races and women. The gay people I know (as well as the straight) do not do these things, and I would rather not be lumped in the same category as you. Do, however, give your opinions and stick by them. Even if I don’t agree with your philosophy, you still have the right to have your opinion and don’t let the media take that away from you, which it seems you have. Everyone left, right or center, who has an opinion, should be heard. That said, I still find Paladino a divisive candidate for a state like New York and I would hope that people might see the light come election time. Please, Carl Paladino (I reserve the term Mr. for gentlemen), give up the pornography for the sake of our children; as a mother, I demand this of you!

Very kind regards,