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Note to a Revolutionary


Thank you for your kind remarks and thoughtful comments on marginalization in our community. You’ll probably not be shocked to learn that, being an Anglophile myself, I do consider an English-Scottish mix to be bi-racial, but that’s a whole other story and controversy – sho’ nuff! In fact, in light of our recent conversations, I wanted to bring some more attention to race in America. It’s a topic many people find uncomfortable, yet it’s one of my favorites because there is such a rich history here in America between different races that is often misrepresented in history books and undermined by the Tea Baggers.

I want to tell everyone today about my ancestor, great-great-great-grandfather Col. Christopher Greene. He is such an important figure in our family’s history, that I have named my son after him. Col. Greene was the cousin of General Nathanael Greene, second in-command to George Washington during the latter half of the American Revolution years. He helped fight the British at Yorktown, a feat Smithsonian Magazine noted as being a large part of the reason America finally was able to win its independence.

Col. Greene, like his cousin, understood the risks that one needed to take for the sake of liberty. Col. Greene, then with the support of Washington and General Nathanael Greene, agreed to train former African slaves to become soldiers for the American cause. Col. Christopher Greene was, in fact, one of the first officers of the US Army to train African-Americans for combat. So, to us, Col. Greene is a hero and he also exemplifies the need for people everywhere to understand that liberty and freedom for all is much more important than focusing on differences and power structures that separate us from each other. So, stick that in a Pie of Personal Identity and smoke it!